The Moxie Way!
The Moxie Way!
A new approach to review, repurpose and revamp your wardrobe and style strategy!

How many times have you tried to let go of something in your closet and just can't do it even though it's been unworn for years? Have all those promises of friends and families offers to help you go through your closet gone by the wayside?

Do you ever feel like you have nothing in your closet to wear? Do you always wear the same outfits in the same way? Are you in a wardrobe rut – still wearing the same style you wore 10 years ago? Do you tell yourself that something looks good on someone else but would never look good on you? Do you feel like you just don't have the know-how to dress stylishly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are definitely not alone! Many women would like help in the wardrobe department whether it's a complete overhaul or just some advice to tune things up.

Closet Innovation: The Moxie Way is here to help. It is a 5 step process designed to put the moxie back in your closet! Each step is optional but they work best if used in conjunction.

Closet Innovation: The Moxie Way Step by Step or click here to print

  • Define your wardrobe objectives
  • Go through your closet item by item and categorize items into three categories
    1. Rid your closet of worn out, not worn, out of style and anything else that is dragging the moxie out of your closet.
      If you're wondering what to do with all of the things you need to get rid of - we partner with several different charities that greatly benefit from clothing donations. These charities provide clothing to tornado/fire victims, battered women who had to leave everything behind to escape an abusive situation, and to young troubled women who are trying to get on the right track and need clothes for job interviews etc. We will schedule pick of your donated items just to make it easy for you and know that they are still valuable to someone in need. You may of course sell them in a garage sale or donate them to your own favorite charity.
    2. pull items that can be reinvented/reclaimed.
    3. Separate any items that are worth salvaging and make another pile to be mended or altered.

  • On average we can generally find 10 – 20 new outfits in a closet just by mixing items together that have never been worn together before.
  • Sometime a piece of clothing may seem tired and out of date but you’d be amazed at what alterations can do for a piece of clothing.
  • Assess what you have now that we have cleaned out your closet and repurposed existing pieces. Now its time to take inventory of what your wardrobe is missing. You would be amazed at what basics are missing from some closets! You may also need to replace things that were tossed do to wear and tear etc.

  • This is the fun part of the process! Being equipped with the information of what’s in your closet, what’s missing from your closet and what your wardrobe style strategy is equips our Moxie Consultants with the knowledge to precisely help you complete your awesome new wardrobe.
  • This service is by appointment only. We want to make sure that you get our full attention and that the appointment time is strictly dedicated to helping you to add the moxie back into your closet!

  • *This service is designed to make your life easier. There is so much information that is absorbed during the Closet Innovation: The Moxie Way that it’s sometimes hard to remember what goes with what.
  • A pictorial guide will be created for you so you may just flip thru a guide to figure out what to wear for the day. It is such a time saving feature because you are no longer spending time trying to figure out what to wear.
  • It will also include some basic fashion tips just in case you want to venture out on your own.
    *This is an optional service

  • Periodically you will need to re-access your closet and what’s in it.
  • A general rule of thumb is at a minimum once a year. However, to keep it under a little better control we recommend twice a year – Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.
  • This service is like a mini version of Steps 1 , 2, and 3. And as always Step 4 is optional.
  • Reviewing your closet periodically keeps you out of wardrobe ruts and keeps you in current trends and updated on all the classics. You have done all of this work to get your moxie on – you don’t want to lose it again!


Step 1 and 2 - $100 per hour - 25% of your total cost may be applied to your Closet Moxie personal shopping purchase!

We can schedule a free preliminary consultation to discuss objectives, view the job at hand (your closet), and give you an estimate on time to complete Steps 1 and 2.

Just a note – if you are thinking this is expensive remember in Step 2 – Closet Concoctions, we generally pull 10 – 20 outfits together from your existing wardrobe! Imagine the cost of purchasing that new.

Charitable Donation – Don’t forget that any charitable giving to organizations that help those in need is tax deductible. Not to mention the value that you receive by doing something for others.

Step 3 – Closet Moxie Personal Shopper
  • This service is absolutely free! And don’t forget that 25 % of your Closet Innovation: The Moxie Way purchase can be used as Moxie Money to apply to any purchase in the store!
Step 4 - $125 per hour
  • We will consult on how many outfits you want in your portfolio and how much time you would like us to spend on this effort. For example you may want us to only do work attire. Or you may only want evening/special occasion attire. Or you may want it all.
  • With our help we can devise a plan for your personalized style guide that is suited specifically for you.
Step 5 – Review and Revamp your Moxie!
  • $100 per hour with 25% of your total cost applied to Moxie Money to be used in the store for update pieces.
  • This session won’t be as time intensive because we have already done the major work the first time around.
  • Seasonally is the best frequency to review and revamp! It keeps you current and full of Moxie!.

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